Flexibility and Adaptability

Millipart has substantial experience in meeting modern day customer requirements involving Long Term Agreements, Kan Ban purchase orders and other just-in-time delivery requirements. Our capable staff of inspectors, planners, packagers and certifying personnel enable Millipart to maintain high delivery and acceptability ratings to our customers. We are ISO 9001 and AS9100  Certified.


Millipart provides engineering and design-for-production assistance on new customer projects, and continually researches improved manufacturing methods and tooling for repeat work in endless searches of reduced set-up and cycle times.


Millipart machines many aerospace materials, including aluminum, stainless and alloy steel, but we are also well versed in some exotics, such as Stellite, Nitronic 60 and A286.See our Part materials for extended list.

Machine Capabilities

Our four 6-axis mill turn centers can take 3” diameter thru the spindle, and often do lights out machining.

We have 6 multi-turret lathes with 2” diameter bar feed support, two of which have in-process inspection capabilities and extended bar feeders for run-at-night operation.

Two CNC Chuckers are used for prototype work and several smaller 2nd operation lathes complete the turning machining cells.

We have six vertical machining centers, two with full 5th axis, one with pallet changing, and all with quick change work holding. Spindle speeds to 30K provide capability to many facets of mill work, including single-operation mid complex parts.

We work with excellent tooling suppliers allowing us to test and incorporate the latest advances in substrates, coatings and configurations, which all translate to shorter cycles and better products.

We have unique, in-house designed tooling that eliminates multiple setups (on the order of 4 to 1) on some jobs. The machines and tooling we use enable us to not be tied down to run a repeat job on a certain machine. Bal-lock Plates on all mills accept various work-holding pieces to increase scheduling flexibility. Tool life management is performed in all aspects of Millipart’s machining techniques.

Our latest addition to inspection equipment is an Oasis Optical Inspection System, which gives instant results when verifying close tolerances on machined parts. Other key equipment, in addition to several Sunnen Gages, numerous indicating micrometers, and three optical comparators, are a CMM, a Gitz Leak Tester, and a flow test bench.

Customer Interface

Millipart has been involved with many new customer programs over the years and recently was chosen by a major customer to participate in Key Characteristic inspection methods for the Airbus 350 program.